Field of Dreams

We go straight from the dog days of August right smack into the craziness of our fall portrait season.


We want women to look beautiful. So leave the feather boas at home.

Fuse Pilates

Client: Fuse Pilates

Shooting Gallery

I turned to the gentleman eating a chicken salad sandwich next to me. "Jack," I said to the man better known as Jack Nicholson, "be careful, I don't want to get fixer all over you." Jack was a constant fixture in our little darkroom that year. Ah, the celebrity life.

Remains of the Day

With so much attention these days placed upon the wedding day itself as the be-all, end-all of a relationship (instead of, say, step one, which it actually is), I decided to take a look back at some former clients. My piece for Washingtonian, now the most downloaded in the magazine's history, can be found here.

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