Traffic in Bora Bora? No Incidents Reported

This is an easy one. Last September, Chilli Amar, who you all know better as the fun and chatty voice of traffic on 105.9, asked me to photograph her wedding. If you've ever listened to Chilli you know she is never at a loss for words.

Something about a '57 Chevy

What is it about a 1957 Chevy, roomy and blue, that stirs the imagination so much? It may not be the sexiest car ever built but who cares--it's the auto equivalent of comfort food. And Nick and Erin are all about comfort.

Requiem for a Requiem

Every so often, when I am feeling really peeved or really stressed, I find myself searching my iPod for my playlist of go-to music to de-stress by. When I reach DEFCON-1, I bring out the Fauré Requiem.

Mei Mei Venners and David Sherman

When makeup artist extraordinaire Kim Giammaria speaks, you best pay attention. She's a pretty good judge of character.

Game, Set, Match.

All eyes may be on Wimbledon this week and the seemingly nonstop string of upsets in the mens' and women's brackets, but back here in Arlington, Virginia at least one tennis-obsessed couple found smooth sailing en route to their own matching set of championship rings.

A Moveable Feast

The first time I went to the Inn at little Washington I embarked on a bit of a wild goose chase. Not for a goose, mind you, though I'm confident the folks at the Inn would have known what to do with one. No, we were on a search for some good light and a good fence. And we had a basket of eggs.

Josh and Leah

I couldn't think of a better way to kick off the 2013 wedding season than with the very, very Washington wedding of Josh Pollack and Leah Sullivan.

August in September

You normally don't think of the Staunton, Virginia area as bat mitzvah country. More like, rolling hills, horses and Civil War history. In fact, you don't normally associate bat mitzvahs with the outdoors, period. But that's not the way it always was.

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