Kerrie and Reed

Kerrie La Fleur has spent her life around horses. So when it came to her wedding, it was kind of no-brainer that there would be some sort of equestrian angle to the proceedings. And Kerrie did not disappoint.

On May 31, Kerrie married Reed Smollar at the Piedmont Club in Haymarket, Virginia. After the guests were seated and the groom made his entrance, Kerrie trumped all by arriving in a gorgeous horse-drawn carriage with her father. It was just the dramatic flair needed to wow her guests as well as tie in her lifelong love of riding.

After the I-do's were over, Kerrie and Reed hopped aboard that same carriage for a ride around the lovely grounds at Piedmont. It was a spectacular day--the sun was shining brightly, bunny rabbits hopped in and out, and the horses made that clippetty-clop sounds that is hard to resist.

Kerrie's been ever so patient waiting for some pictures to look at, so wait no more.



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