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Cathy Kozen and Amit Patel Prove Love Beats a Government Shutdown Any Day of the Week

Cathy Kozen and Amit Patel traveled all the way from London for their Philadelphia wedding. And even though the silly government shutdown meant that much of the city's historic mall was closed (if a rope line can truly close something that historic), it didn't effect the proceedings one bit. Like rain on a wedding day, I'm not sure anyone that mattered even noticed.

Cathy is the sister of April Kozen, whose wedding to Kent Scholla I photographed back in 2006 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. That affair featured a mansion with a ghost, a butterfly release run amok and some beautiful photographs. It was great to be asked back once again and see familiar faces.

This time around it was Cathy's big day. We started off at the Monaco, which overlooks Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Nieces and nephews were jumping on the bed, a wedding dress hanging precariously close by, as Tastykakes, a Philadelphia staple (I didn't know that) were consumed by the box full.

As an editorial aside, it was a bit sad to see the National Park Service putting so much effort into not allowing the hundreds of tourists gathered below our window to walk the grounds of Independence Mall. It seemed downright petty, shutdown or not.

Luckily, Philadelphia is so chock full of historic buildings and facades that we had no trouble finding other spots for pictures, including the gorgeous (and surprisingly accessible) First Bank of the United States, constructed in 1797, on Third Street.

For their ceremony, Amit and Cathy chose another historic venue, the Arch Street Meeting House. Built in 1804, the building sits on land given to the Quakers by William Penn himself. The Meeting House is registered as a National Historic Landmark.

After the ceremony was over, it was time for a fun Indian wedding custom, an ice cream social, before guests walked a couple of blocks to the imposing National Constitution Center for dancing.

Amit and Cathy love to travel and they're currently (I think) honeymooning in Brazil, a country high on my own list. I wish them all the best!


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