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A Moveable Feast

The first time I went to the Inn at little Washington I embarked on a bit of a wild goose chase. Not for a goose, mind you, though I'm confident the folks at the Inn would have known what to do with one. No, we were on a search for some good light and a good fence. And we had a basket of eggs.

Josh and Leah

I couldn't think of a better way to kick off the 2013 wedding season than with the very, very Washington wedding of Josh Pollack and Leah Sullivan.

A smile as Big as Texas

Ashley Lucas and Andy Lacy might have had one of the more spectacular weddings on one of the more spectacular days in September, but after being given the gift of laughter from your parents, it's all gravy anyway.

Getting the Picture

When I was a photojournalist, "wedding photographer" sounded like the punch line of a joke. Then I went soft and discovered that taking photographs of the most important moment in people's lives actually is funny. Also moving, sad, scary and profound.

Only the Dead Know Brooklyn

So what's with the title? A bit of a downer for a wedding blog, no? Well, Only the Dead Know Brooklyn happens to be the title of a short story by Thomas Wolfe, written in 1925 for the New Yorker, which begins, "Dere’s no guy livin’ dat knows Brooklyn t’roo an’ t’roo..."

Bridesmaids II

This past summer, when so many folks were anxiously waiting for the release of The Hangover Part II, a little, unheralded movie came along and pretty much stomped it into the ground. Let's face it--Bridesmaids was funnier, more disgusting (if that's a good thing), and touchingly bittersweet.

Let's Hear it for Hogwarts

Sarah McCalla and RJ Johnsen didn't actually get married at Hogwarts Academy, home to Harry, Hermione et al., but since this is the summer of the last film, and since St. Albans School has been open for a century now and has that long communal table look down pat, it almost feels like they did.

Philadelphia Freedom

Despite their last names, it may come as surprise to learn that neither Wendy Li or David McElhoe is Jewish. (I kid, needless to say, probably because I am.) But when their band launched into the Hora late in the evening at Stotesbury Mansion in Philadelphia last month...

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