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Family Portraits and Golden Light

It's been a week now since we all had to "spring forward," losing an hour of sleep in the process but gaining confidence that the cherry blossoms and warm air and spring breaks were just around the corner. And in what has become a peculiar kind of tradition here, we're going to take this opportunity to actually start looking backwards a bit. Like, back to last fall. Why? Well, back when I left USA Today in 2001 to begin shooting family portraits, I had but one mantra: Whatever portrait photographers do, do the opposite. Maybe this tradition is just an extension of that. While everyone is focused on spring, we look back to fall.

We photograph so many families between September and December that it actually feels like it takes an entire winter to catch our breath. And now that it's been caught, it's fun to look back at some of our favorite families. Today we begin with the Liffmann clan, a family that had me laughing from the moment we met.

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