Shooting Gallery

Leonard Nimoy, 1995. I remember I had run up the block from the USA Today building, then headquartered in Arlington, VA, to a comic book store. "Quick! I need a Start Trek doll!" I said to the teenaged clerk. A few minutes later, up in the 22nd floor photo studio, I asked Nimoy if he would pose, like a sailor with a parrot. "No," he said, not even taking time to think. Photography may be pressing a shutter but negotiations and compromise are a big part.
Nicole Kidman, 1996.
Elie Wiesel, nobel prize laureate, 1998.
Patti LaBelle, 2007.
Nicole Kidman, 1996.
Chris Rock, 1996.
Edie Falco, 2005.
Bill Murray, 1995.
Sean Connery, 1994.
Chuck D., 1998
Jennifer Aniston, 1998.
Jennifer Aniston, 1998.
Val Kilmer, 1996.
Stephen Hawking, 1999.
Sarah Jessica Parker, 1994.